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Farmers Market Fun

The Doodle Dunce has been having such a great time at the local Powhatan Village Farmers Market!

After completing the Young Entrepreneurs Program with the local Powhatan 4H, Teagan has had the opportunity to set up a booth once a month and sell her handmade items at the local Farmers Market. Her best-loved items are her adorable rat note cards and stickers, inspired by her sweet pet rats Collette and Marcelle.

We are looking forward to doing some more in-person selling around the area! The Doodle Dunce will be at the Powhatan market again September 16th, come by and see is if you can. We are excited to debut a new item, hand-drawn Shrinky Dink earrings! These are all drawn and colored by Teagan, and then finished with coordinating Czech fire-polished glass beads and sterling silver ear hooks. We were able to share these at a pop-up event in Cumberland in August, and they were a big hit!

We were able to rock our new Doodle Dunce logo t-shirts to the last market! We wanted to test out a new vendor and the quality of their shirts before we began offering them to customers, and we are so pleased with the fit and feel. I can't wait to try more designs out on the multitude of different colors they offer! Email us your favorite t-shirt color at and we'll try to be sure and include it in our line.

Until next time, happy homesteading! Sign up here to stay up to date on where we are and what we're posting... we promise we won't bug you more than twice a month!

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