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All Pups are spoken for - but Mom needs a home!

Meet Tinsley!

Tinsley is a sweet female 2 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler. She was born 11/25/2019, and is AKC certified. 


Keeping Watch

She'll be there to greet you when you get home, with tail wags that move her whole body and big smiles!


She's a great mama!

She had her first litter of 5 puppies on 3/31/22, 4 girls and one boy. See photo gallery below for photos of her pups! 


Nap Time!

Here she is curled up in her little blanket nest for a nap with her buddy Boris.


Look at that sweet face!

She loves to give kisses, show off her toys, play tug of war, and ZOOM around the yard!


She needs a home with one furry friend!

She loves other Australian Cattle Dogs!

Speckles being dramatic

Background Information

Tinsley was raised with her sister from another litter, and also another male cattle dog for 6+ months with whom she mated. She is sweet, lovable, cuddly, housebroken, and a good listener. She gets a little too excited around the poultry, which is one reason she needs a new home. If you have a fenced area for her that would be ideal if you have poultry, as there's a risk of her killing a few! Though if you catch her in time and holler, she does have good brakes. 

She has lived with us since February of this year, when she was about a month pregnant. She gets along famously with our intact male Blue Heeler who is roughly the same age, they play together and then curl up and groom each other. She does not, however, like our son's corgi. She also doesn't seem particularly fond of other female dogs, however we have had her pregnant and with her pups only, so this could be a factor.


She would do best in a household with an adult male heeler, as she's always had a dog friend of this breed. She just gets too worked up around two other dogs playing, so a 3+ dog household is not the right place for her. 

She is AKC certified, though the certificate is still in the name of her previous owner. She is free to the right home, we just want this sweet girl to be happy and in the right setting for her. Please TEXT me at 804.393.6968 if you'd like to set up a meeting with her to see if she's the right fit for your family!

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